Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it. — Chuck Palahniuk



“True leadership comes from within, to thrive not just survive…to work, live and be-well.”​

Lisa A. Perez, M.A., CTRS is a behavioral change specialist, who studies work-life well-being, and leadership development.  Lisa is the founder and principle of Vital Transformations, LLC.  She works with individuals and groups to develop leadership mastery within their personal and professional life…to work, live, and be-well.

The combination of Lisa’s work-life experience and education, provides a great understanding of the vital importance for individual’s to engage in a positive mindset, build personal capacity, and develop and maintain a supportive work / life environment, to thrive within all areas of one’s professional and personal life…filled with purpose and rich with meaning.

Lisa has over 25 years of leadership experience as an entrepreneur, and within the corporate healthcare and behavioral health fields, including her experience as an owner and operator of a fortune 500 franchise. Lisa received her bachelors with a focus on behavioral health and recreational management, and has a master’s in psychology, specializing in work-life wellbeing. Lisa is a certified leadership development, life, and wellness coach.

Fun Facts About Lisa

Lisa Perez is married to her wonderful husband, Steve. Together they love to travel to vital destinations, dance, listen to music especially Mariachi music, go camping, and enjoy the great outdoors; as well as, cooking, watching football, and time out with friends and family. Lisa is the mother of a son, named Michael who is a collegiate wrestler.


Lisa is a life-long learner of all things that support and promote personal and professional leadership, whole person well-being, and the empowerment to thrive, not just survive…body, mind, and spirit.  Lisa thrives on empowering others to find the courage, confidence, and capacity to develop self-leadership practices that promote personal well-being and goodwill.

My passion is to build awareness and share the message of how to thrive not just survive, at work and in-life…through, coaching, education, speaking, and writing. — Lisa Perez

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