When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. – Viktor E Frankl


Creating change and developing new habits can be tough! Especially when it comes to changing ourselves to move beyond what holds us back from pursuing our dreams, desires, and goals. We all want to live a rich and fulfilling life; that provides for us the vitality to be well and productive. However, people, situations, and our own lack of personal insight can get in the way. Hiring a coach can assist you to gain clarity, establish a vision, and develop a strategy to motivate yourself toward action in fulfilling your life ambitions.

Personal and Leadership Development Coaching

Vital Transformations coaching works with individuals who are “motivated” to work with their coach to step into their own personal success toward living a balanced and authentic personal and professional lifestyle. You will get a coach who will encourage you to move forward, be a soundboard to bounce ideas off of, and reflect back to you a fresh perspective. You will have a coaching partner who will assist you to develop the awareness, strategies, and skills you need to reach your vision and goals to be your true self…in and out of the workplace.

You will have a coaching partnership that is based on trust, confidentiality, and deep listening. Your coach will provide for you resources, hold you accountable, and support you to really live up to your full potential. The Vital Coaching process does not concentrate on the past, but rather on the client’s present and future goals, and works with the client to identify what they want and need to be successful, productive and well, to be your very best at work and home.


Vital Coaching is ideal for motivated individuals who are looking to…

  • Reach specific goals
  • Execute more effectively
  • Lead others effectively
  • Build team morale
  • Improve work performance and career building
  • Reconnect with their personal values and work-life balance
  • Develop personal image, level of influence, and presence
  • Gain greater clarity and self-awareness
  • Work / Life transitions
  • Increase Stress Mastery™ development
  • Increase focus to build a strategic plan toward a particular project or issue
  • Improve personal empowerment and skill sets, such as…
    • Improve work-life communication and socialization
    • Personal and professional development
    • Time management
    • Capacity and personal strengths
    • Overcome and manage challenging work loads
  • Gain insight and skills with working and social relationships
  • Increase personal growth and learning
  • Increase self-confidence and build a healthier self-esteem
  • Establish priorities, identify talents, and core competencies for enhanced performance and quality of life

The great benefit of coaching is that you are very likely to see noticeable positive results as an outcome from the start of your first session!

Vital Leadership Coaching Programs

Lead Well-by Design™: Leadership Development Coaching Program

In today’s working environment, an excellent leader must be more than someone who provides vision and direction, they must also be well…body, mind, and spirit, in order to have great insight about themselves, their environment, and those around them.  To succeed, today’s great leaders must have a whole-person perspective and the capacity to use their strengths, and energy to work, live be well…to lead to their full potential.  In the process, they can be an authentic leader who inspires, and motives others to be their very best for the common goal.

The Lead-Well by Design™ coaching program provides leadership & executive coaching; to develop specific awareness about professional strengths, values, capacity, scope of influence, and core operational competencies.  As a result, core leadership development of knowledge and skills are acquired to enhance personal best practices, employee engagement, and a well-workplace environment. Read more…

Vital Leadership Assessment Coaching:  Specific assessment coaching to gain further insight and awareness for professional and personal development.

  • 360 Leadership Assessment
  • Character Strengths Assessment
  • Work Behavior Inventory
  • Conflict Dynamics Profile
  • Golden Personality Type Profiler
  • Stress Mastery™ Development:  Online Stress Mastery Questioner (SMQ) with instructional guide book
  • Wellness Inventory Online Assessment

Vital Employee Coaching Programs: 

  • The Power of ANTs (Group coaching): Develop a well-workplace environment by minimizing toxic behaviors, increase moral, and creating a strategic focus, by learning how to transform automatic negative thoughts in the workplace to actively navigate toward personal and professional success! Read more…
  • Vital Conversations: Employee development coaching for managers who want to take their leadership and their staff to the next level of organizational and professional success.

Vital Coaching Intensive ½ Day and Full Day Coaching Program:

This program is designed to get you on target and prepared for strategic action, in quick-time!  Remove the day-to-day distractions of work and life activity, and go offsite to get completely focused with a one-on-one half day or full day coaching intensive with your coach.  This program is designed to assist you to work on your most pressing issues…gain insight, clarity, and focus on specific areas that you are motivated to address.  At the end of your coaching intensive session you will have an organized plan of action to move forward with, along with the virtual support of your coach for added accountability for the next three months.


Our Vital Transformations coaching programs have been proven to be effective and successful in supporting individuals to reach their professional and personal goals…just ask any of our many clients.

  • "Thank you so much for attending our recent employee meeting and presenting to us your vast knowledge of Health and Wellness.  You were very professional and thorough. "

  • "Excellent program!  It really gets people to look in the 'mirror' which is really what it's all about:  self-reflection.  I personally think Lisa Perez has developed a great program. "

  • "Vital Transformations has achieved extraordinary results in employee participation thereby impacting our company's bottom-line results.  Our employees have responded very positively to the program and we can show that their participation has not only helped improve their health and well-being but has helped us significantly reduce our overall health care costs."

  • "Great! Lots of good tools to work with."

  • "Definitely a helpful leadership development program and gives me idea and instruction to consider and utilize."

  • "Excellent presentation. Can’t wait to bring this information back to my staff."

  • "Lisa has also taught me valuable techniques in communicating with the staff. Discussing issues with them in the past seemed to be more of an argument. I would get frustrated and nothing seemed to get accomplished. Now I can use her techniques and I feel that my demeanor remains more neutral."

  • "This should be mandatory for my leadership peers and not a choice!"

  • "I am in complete support of this program (Employee ANTs program). This is a program that applies to all walks in daily life! What a great source and our program Coach - absolutely wonderful!"

  • "It was worthwhile and I would recommend it to other managers."

  • "Because of my involvement in the company wellness program provided by Vital Transformations, I feel better and have more energy.  I feel more confident because I look better.  I feel more in touch with myself and I like myself better!  I am excited about continuing to be involved in the wellness program and improving my health and well-being."

Connect with Vital Coaching: For more information and program details on any of the Vital Coaching programs contact.

All coaching programs are offered on location, via Skype, or telephonically.  Coaching intensive program is provided at a designated location.  All coaching programs include email check-ins and phone support.

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